Kind Words


“[The] artwork is staggeringly, amazingly gorgeous. The colors, the lay-out, the total package. Serious talent.”

David Stanley | Dad’s Roundtable

“The rhymes are delightful and surprising as Chris challenges your kids to learn words that will only increase their vocabulary. He doesn’t dumb it down like many books do, and that drew me in… Your kid is sure to impress the other kids on the playground when they are dropping big vocab words.”

Chris Bernholdt | DadNCharge

“Super adorbs.”

Brent Almond | Designer Daddy

“Tonight will be the fourth night in a row that my kids have asked me to read this at bedtime. Every damn night.”

Lee Bodenmiller | An Ordinary Dad

“Utterly, UTTERLY brilliant. I need a copy on my shelf now.”

Henry Elliss | Fatherhood²

“[H]is illustrations are engaging, colorful and simple. The text flows nicely between the brothers while sneakily introducing new vocabulary to the unsuspecting reader. Do you know the proper term for a group of jellyfish? I didn’t. But it’s in the book. (Bloom, in case you’re wondering.)”

Carl Wilke | Big Cheese Dad

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